Folks, get ready for the latest assault on our freedoms by the Barack Uday Qusay Hussein Osama bin Bummer O’Ghazi Libtards for American Communism Administration: they want to take away our hoverboards.

Mashable reports that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission—a federal agency whose chairman was appointed by the desert prince Biraq Obamesopotamia himself—recently distributed a notice to retailers and manufacturers, asking them to take their self-balancing scooters off the market until they can be made to meet a set of voluntary safety standards. The cause of the notice, according to the CPSC, is hoverboard fires.

If hoverboard peddlers fail to bring their wares into compliance, enforcement may be taken against them. “This is us drawing a line in the sand and a notice for the entire hoverboard community,” CPSC chairman Elliott Kaye told Mashable. “From our perspective, a smart retailer will put in place a stop sale to find out if their inventory complies with the UL standard. If they are certain that it doesn’t, they should then issue a recall proposal.”

One of these days, they’re going to come for our guns, too.

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