Last week, athlete-turned-golfer Michael Jordan impugned the ball-whacking abilities of the President of these United States, calling Barack Obama "a shitty golfer." And Jordan knows whereof he speaks: His handicap of 3 is much smaller and better than Obama's 17. Statistics!

But just because Jordan is clearly the stronger golfer doesn't mean Obama will put up with being called "shitty" and "a hack."

"Michael wasn't very well informed about this, I think he might've just been trying to give Ahmad [Rashad] an extra ratings boost on his show," Obama told Wisconsin radio station Jammin' 98.3 on Monday.

"But there is no doubt that Michael is a better golfer than I am. Of course if I was playing twice a day for the last 15 years, then that might not be the case," he added, before closing the topic with an ice-cold zinger.

"He might want to spend more time thinking about the Bobcats — or the Hornets."

Jordan's Charlotte franchise is infamous for posting the worst record in NBA history, a feat so shameful they had to rebrand to wash the horrible taste of defeat out of their mouths.

This has been This Week in Grown Men Arguing About Golf. See you next time, because the hypercompetitive (some would say pathologically so) Jordan is unlikely to let this lie.

[h/t The Hill, Photo of allegedly shitty golf game via AP Images]