Yesterday, the President of the United States had the gall to stand behind a podium and assert that he is not the lead singer of Korn, despite evidence to the contrary. Yeah right, Mr. President. If you’re not the lead singer of Korn, where’s the paperwork?

Barack Obama’s unsupported denial came at a Medal of Honor ceremony for Army Captain Florent Groberg, an American hero—hardly an appropriate venue for the president’s attempt to tamper the mounting speculation against him. Watch him try to talk his way out of the truth below.

The key passage of the president’s speech:

A little more than three years ago, as Captain Florent Groberg was recovering from his wounds as a consequence of the actions that we honor today, he woke up on a hospital bed in a little bit of a haze. He wasn’t sure, but he thought that he was in Germany, and someone was at his bedside talking to him And he thought that it was the lead singer from the heavy metal band Korn. Flo thought, “What’s going on? Am I hallucinating?” But he wasn’t, it was all real.

And so, today, Flo, I want to assure you that you are not hallucinating. You are actually in the White House, those cameras are on, I am not the lead singer from Korn, we are here to award you our nation’s highest military distinction, the Medal of Honor.

If you’re not the lead singer of Korn, Mr. President, then why are you talking about Issues all the time? I demand to see an official certificate proving your claim.

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