Photo: White House/Instagram

Today the White House posted on Instagram a photo of President Obama and Anthony Bourdain having a very chill time in the “steamy capital” of Vietnam, where Obama is publicly courting a low-key alliance with the country right in China’s face and a low-key friendship with Bourdain right in mine.

The president reportedly landed in Hanoi ahead of schedule Sunday night to have an on-camera dinner with Bourdain, which is set to air on his CNN show, Parts Unknown.

After beers unknown, Obama met today with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang, where he announced the U.S. will lift a long-standing ban on the sale of military equipment. In exchange for the lovely gift, the U.S. hopes Vietnam will express its gratitude by allowing U.S. warships to access its ports, giving it a tactical advantage over China, which has not been amenable to an American presence near its waters.

Turns out you can have it all.