President Obama lied to a group of children today and told them that his favorite food is "broccoli."

While Obama claimed to love broccoli now, he also admitted he wasn't the kind of kid who just chowed down willingly on veggies by pretending he was a giant eating trees.

“My family when they cooked vegetables, they would just boil them and they’d get all soft and mushy,” Obama recalled, according to the Washington Post. “Nobody wanted to eat a pea or a Brussels sprout because they’d be all mushy.”

This is a lie. Favorite foods are things like "pizza" or "General Tso's Chicken" or "half number-one, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, peppers, oil and vinegar, spices, at Hoagie Haven." Not broccoli. While certainly tasty and nutritious, broccoli isn't even the best vegetable (brussels sprouts), let alone anyone's "favorite food." It isn't even the best broccoli, for that matter (broccoli rabe) (or the second best [Chinese broccoli])!

The worst vegetables, as everyone knows, are artichokes and beets.