In case you forgot for a second that being the spawn of someone rich and powerful affords you countless ways to circumvent your problems, here's another: NYU president John Sexton, center, turned two single dorms into a duplex during a housing shortage for his son, the New York Post reports.

In 2002, the then-33-year-old Jed Sexton moved with his wife into a duplex at 240 Mercer St. in New York's Greenwich Village. Per the Post, Sexton had two single-unit apartments combined into a larger space for his son, who was not attending or teaching at the school. The rooms were initially earmarked for law faculty, the department where Sexton was dean for a decade.

At the same time, NYU was dealing with what it called a "severe housing shortage." NYU spokesman John Beckman told the Post that the younger Sexton and his wife paid rent for the unit, but declined to specify the amount. In 2007, they left the apartment for a $1 million home in Connecticut.

Though the treatment of faculty housing might seem like a trivial concern, it was a key issue early in Sexton's presidency. NYU said it was having trouble attracting new faculty because of its lack of housing options, and one way Sexton initially worked around the issue was by having the school issue millions of dollars in loans for large summer homes.

Sexton himself received a $1 million loan from the school for a home on Fire Island, which probably makes a Greenwich Village duplex feel like loose change.

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