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Gerry Shalam, the 20-year-old NYU student caught on camera pretending to be the heir to a massive real estate empire—"half of fucking Manhattan," no less!—is now an intern for a judge in Brooklyn, the New York Post reports.

A staffer for Judge Esther Morgenstern of Brooklyn's Integrated Domestic Violence Court confirmed to the Post that Shalam now works in her office. No word on whether being "a fucking lawyer," having Bill DeBlasio on speed dial, or "owning the cops" helped him land that job.

In the video that made him famous, Shalam initially claimed his name was Gerry Adjmi—the Adjmis are a wealthy (but not "half of Manhattan" wealthy), real estate family—but it turned out he was just a college kid from New Jersey.

Shalam, who majors in political science and government, initially threatened to sue the uploader of the video for "blatant violation of his civil rights," but that suit has yet to emerge.