The NYPD has, according to various reports, been “investigating” years-old racist Facebook posts made by one of its patrolmen. “Racist cop” is not exactly the most surprising news the world has ever presented us. What’s noteworthy about this instance of racism from a person nominally sworn to equally protect all citizens is that the policeman, Gregory Gordon, is already infamously known as the NYPD cop caught wining with various women at the city’s West Indian Parade in 2011.

You remember this guy, right?

I think I instinctively thought this image was fake. But no, this guy is a real cop. Alas, Gordon’s satisfied smirk over a black woman sticking her ass into his crotch is complicated by his Facebook posts regarding, say, Bill de Blasio’s wife. Via the New York Daily News:

Or white people allegedly murdered by black people:

In August 2014, Gordon posted a list of 19 white people from across the country who were allegedly murdered by blacks in June yet received no coverage in the press, he claimed.

“Some might get pissed at this status, but it just shows how some people decide when ‘racism’ is acceptable. To sell the news,” he said, according to another post obtained by the Daily News.

Or the Oscars:

“So now the latest complaint is there aren’t enough African-Americans nominated for Oscars? Tell me again how there’s a White Entertainment Television Channel? But BET is ok?”

Or bathrooms:

“Are you f—-ing kidding me? If you have a d—k, you belong in the men’s room. Way to go de Blasio.”

Or the terrorist attack in Nice:

“So the drive(r) was named Mohammed. Go figure. See what happens when a mass exodus of people infiltrate a country?”

Gordon’s “punishment” for dancing during a parade was a transfer from a Brooklyn precinct to one in Staten Island. Next stop is, uh, the Atlantic Ocean?