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NYPD officers were hard at work last night searching for Rhamar Perkins, a 16-year-old who bolted from a police stationhouse after being caught allegedly jumping a subway turnstile in Brownsville. Perkins turned himself in about four and a half hours later, the New York Daily News reports.

According to multiple reports on Twitter, there were helicopters flying over the adjacent neighborhood of Crown Heights last night, which may have been used as a part of what officials told the News was an all-night manhunt for the very bad teen.

Running away was a pretty bad move for Perkins, who is now charged with escape in addition to theft of services, and will almost certainly face a way stiffer penalty than he would have had he stayed put at the precinct after his original arrest. And marshaling so many resources to chase after Perkins was an even worse move for the cops, who almost certainly spent way more money finding Perkins than the $2.75 in fare money allegedly stole.