Per a recommendation from the NYPD's Intelligence Division, departing New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly will receive a 10-officer, 24-hour security detail when he retires early next year, costing New York City tax payers an estimated $1.5 million per year. The 10-cop team is actually an four-person increase from Kelly's initial request, which he made last month.

As DNA Info's Murray Weiss was the first to report, the detail will include three sergeants, a lieutenant, and six detectives, who will serve as bodyguards and chauffeurs for Kelly and his family. Kelly's security needs will be reassessed by the NYPD six months after his retirement.

This is the second time Kelly has accepted NYPD protection; in 1994, after working as Police Commissioner for 18 months, Kelly was assigned one detective—who served as his bodyguard and driver—for seven months. Only one other former NYPD Police Commissioner—Howard Safir, in 2000—has sought and received a tax payer-funded security detail.

Mayor Bloomberg will keep his 17-person NYPD security team, but those officers will retire and Bloomberg will hire them, at his own expense, for about $150,000 each per year.

[Image via AP]