Image of expandable police baton: Dmg ie/Wikipedia

At long last, the federal probe into corruption at the NYPD reveals something interesting. The investigation, which has penetrated the upper echelon of the department, uncovered evidence that powerful officers had sex with a prostitute dressed as a flight attendant on a private trip to Las Vegas, according to the New York Post.

Citing sources “close to the case,” the Post is alleging that a businessman provided a round-trip flight from New Jersey to Vegas on which officers enjoyed “first-class plus” service which included sex with the cabin staff. Deputy Inspector James Grant, former commanding officer of the Upper East Side precinct, and Detective Michael Milici, an officer in Borough Park, were reportedly among the plane’s passengers. (Grant and Milici’s lawyers told the Post they “denied the allegations.”)

Jona Rechnitz, who allegedly financed the sex plane, is a key figure in the larger FBI investigation into high-level NYPD officials taking expensive gifts from wealthy businessmen in exchange for favors and protection. Jeremy Reichberg, the other businessman at the center of the investigation, was also reportedly onboard the flight. Rechnitz and Reichberg are also both associated with the Campaign for One New York, a nonprofit aimed at furthering Bill de Blasio’s mayoral agenda, which recently announced it would shutter after allegations of conflicts of interest there.

The alleged corruption in New York City is clearly far-reaching, but until now, the scandal has felt like it was missing a certain je ne sais quoi. Now that there’s actual fucking, maybe people like me will finally start paying close attention.