Sean Ludwick, the New York real estate developer who allegedly dumped his dead friend’s body in the street after getting into a car wreck, was arrested this week, the Associated Press reports. Prosecutors said he’d tried to buy a boat in Puerto Rico that could get him to South America.

Robert Clifford, a spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney, said that Ludwick was apprehended by federal and local authorities on Tuesday, at his home in Sag Harbor. (The East Hampton Star reports that the developer was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Puerto Rico.)

Assistant District Attorney John Scott Prudenti, the chief of the Vehicular Crimes Bureau, told the AP that authorities had learned that Ludwick, while visiting Puerto Rico last week, had been asking around about buying a boat capable of making the trip to South America.

“For the next several days the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, acting with local law enforcement and federal authorities, conducted an investigation that led to his arrest,” Prudenti said.

Ludwick was out on $1 million bond—now, presumably, forfeit—after being indicted for vehicular homicide in his friend Paul Hansen’s death last summer. (Four hours after the crash, Ludwick’s blood alcohol content was 0.18. (New York’s legal limit is 0.08.)

Ludwick was arrested on a bench warrant and held without bail.

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