Yesterday, a very important NYC thing happened: Two kittens halted the subway's B and Q lines for an hour. How could two feline urchins so rudely interrupt the necessary flow of human transport? the bad people wondered. Ooooh, kitties! the good people cooed.

To apply this very significant divide between good and bad New Yorkers, Daily Intel asked the current Mayoral race contestants whether they sided with the trains or the cats (i.e. whether they were good or bad people). Republican Joe Lhota said he was a bad man. ("No, Joe does not think a train line should be shut down," a campaign spokesperson said.) His rival John Catsimatidis insisted that he is a very good man and passed along this lovely stanza about his true feline feelings:

I am an Animal Lover
Especially CATS
Supposed they were
Baby Rats
Its up to the Policeman on the Scene to make decision
Not the Mayor

Unfortunately, Catsimatidis's extreme goodness is entirely neutralized by the extreme badness of him being a lifelong Yankees fan. But he does get a couple of points for reminding Daily Intel that you can't spell Catsimatidis name without "cats." Dogsimatidis just wouldn't have the same ring.

[January 2013 CATSimatidis campaign photo via AP/Seth Wenig]

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