Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his late arrival to a plane crash memorial service today, telling reporters he really couldn't be blamed because he was feeling "sluggish" this morning.

De Blasio's office had previously issued a statement explaining the mayor had been delayed when his police boat escort got stuck in a heavy fog on the way to 2001 American Airlines Flight 587 crash memorial service in Queens.

People at the event were pissed, to put it lightly.

But things are never as they originally seem with de Blasio, and the tall drink of lateness soon explained he probably could have been on time but early mornings are soo-ooo-ooo-ooo hard:

Yet at an unrelated news conference later on Wednesday, Mr. de Blasio took full responsibility for his lateness. "I was not feeling well this morning; I had a very rough night, I woke up sluggish, and I should have gotten myself moving quicker," he said, adding that he "woke up in the middle of the night, couldn't get back to sleep."

He called the fog an "unexpected" hindrance and apologized, though he had not in his public remarks at the memorial.

Which is a great excuse that I expect will go over well at any workplace, not just the mayor's office of the city of New York.

De Blasio's staff suggested de Blasio, sluggish as he was, still might have made the service on time—if it weren't for that meddling fog.

Others blame karma.

"He had the luxury of taking a boat over, like we'd like to do," one New York city resident told the Times. "God punished him. That fog was intentional."

[image via AP]