A patron of a New York City Chop't restaurant—a "Creative Salad Company"—happened upon a disgusting dead rodent when chomping into his wrap on Tuesday. The wrap had been made by the Chop't location in the Financial District of Manhattan.

According to his supportive friends and colleagues, who tweeted links and photos on his behalf (both which have since been deleted), the wrap-eater had already taken a bite into his lunch when he discovered the deceased rodent. The wrap was made at the 80 Pine Street location, a franchise that had been given an A rating by the NYC health inspector as early as September of last year.

Via Gothamist:

When reached via phone, Chop't Founder Tony Shure told us he knew about the incident and said that the store had been shut down for the day and that staff was "doing a deep clean." An employee at the 80 Pine Street location confirmed that the location is currently "closed for maintenance."

And for good measure, more dead rodent:

Enjoy lunch! Yum yum.

[h/t Gothamist]