The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls.

We are back with another recap, and for the first time in a long time Alex is actually in the same room working on producing a recap for all you readers... to read.

So hell no are we spending a lot of time on this Girls recap. We been fishing and playing video games, we needed that for our mental health and after watching ten episodes of this in a row, weekend after weekend. I think we are allowed to flip-out a little bit. But of course because we speak of our journalistic termination to deliver the "news" to curiously curious people so we ARE going to write about the tenth episode. But we are also going to review a video game and maybe if we have time in the end I will throw in a chocolate chip cookie recipe... the big chewy ones

Let's start with Hannah, as she literally owns the first scene, as she slams shots after shots with her work friends at an unknown location of entertainment, followed by acts of kissing a male coworker on the mouth, spraying a whole shot in a cough over your friend without them seeming to care, dancing and then puking all over herself. Then of course she ends up with the previews male coworker taking her home and helping her wash off in the bath tube, a demonstration of how messed up drunk Hannah has gotten that night because she basically needed to be hosed down before bedtime

Two minutes later we are at the next scene and power player Marnie showing up to her friends barely renovated exhibition space to only find out that she will be hired as an personal assistant that is more qualified then the person hiring her because gallery director position has already been filled by her best homo friend. Yes this character is also a terrible person, its standard for this show.

And now on something more interesting for something little more interesting for NAT, or, a little talk about the nicest wave of video games to hit us since the Super Nintendo era time. Because the last two-three years has been filled with two-player, split screen games, and even multiplayer as a standard game mechanic in indie games, that reflect much more what I call a video game. I have liked it so much that 95 percent of the games I bought the last years have been of that genre, so I can go back to my favorite part because modern large-corporation video games are terrible forced railway cart storyline garbage that is dummied down so the average player feels like a champ. I want something that kills me at every other turn and forces me to get better, like "Risk of Rain," that is both a grueling task of hours of button grinding but a absolute work of art.

So. In the next scene where Hannah has come back home and is trying to apologize for her terrible sin of getting to drunk and not finding the way back home, Adam clearly does not care, he is just happy she had fun and Hannah is shocked. Later on she showers again and declares to Adam that she is now as clean as she can get, hoping for an angry guilt fuck like in the old days, but he does not care, instead pulls her towards him and she ends up on his lap, but as soon things heat up he tells her they can't "fuck" because he does not want to get sticky

Hannah of course gets upset, but we don't get to see how much because we cut to Marnie and Denim man as they are sitting around and are about to have a little "jam." She sings and he strums the guitar but in the end she does not sing the lyrics he hopes, so he sings his dick out, or tries to weave that into his song, that song that sings "I want my dick in you because wife is out a lot on work trips."

Thankfully we can just pause this show and review a little more of our newest favorite game: Bro-force… yes its a terrible name, but strangely fitting compared to the atmosphere it tries to breathe, and the best way to describe it is a heavily influenced by Metal Slug games but way more bells and whistles, like the life system and characters that are basically tribute to old action films and there heroes like Conan the Barbarian or John McClane from Die Hard, as you battle across a landscape of destruction, enemies and traps alone or up to three other friends on single computer or multiplayer. It's the most fun I have had in a weekend and two days as we finished the game or most of its working campaigns as the game is still on an alpha.

Back to Girls, as we are observing Jessa and old junkie talking about Rupert Murdoch's ownership over nearly all the mainstream media, perfect characters to relay that information to the masses, counter culture junkies that are also the most hated people on this show, and of course Shosh is there because it is her apartment and she has been forced to wear headphones at all times to block out there idiotic rambling with her favorite Haim album, the older junkie leaves to see a man about a horse (horse is often a slang for heroin) and Jessa start talking about how hopeless his life is because his addictions. At the same time she is taking hits of coke from her secret stash.

We are at Adam's rehearsal and Hannah has just snuck in to watch him and quickly gets spotted by the director and told to leave, well she didn't really sneak in either but had no idea she could not just show up and watch him, what an asshole he is portrayed to be, but he is a man with a vision so that kind of fits. So Hannah leaves and goes to her ex-boyfriend Elijah and they sit in bed eating chicken and talking about there sex life, they are both worried that the spark is gone for them and they need to restart it, so later Hannah calls Adam and tells him to meet her at a bar and while those events are unfolding we are joined by Jessa dragging old Junkie through a restaurant excited about tonight's meal that ends up being him forced to meet his long lost daughter that he has abandoned because of his drug addiction.

This scene is terrible but at least Jessa is getting the shit covered stick of the deal.

Now let's get to Hannah fixing her love life with some roleplay, and Adam's best response for the entirety of this show by simply saying "what the fuck." She has adorned a blonde ig and is waiting for him at the bar, walking over to his table and starting to flirt with him as a lonely house wife that just needs a good fuck, but ending with her throwing her drink over him and leaving, in the end faking to be a woman that is getting bothered by a random stranger, that ends up Adam being sucker punched in the face. Adam is very turned on right now

We are back where Jessa and old junkie are trying to explain that they don't have a problem and there is nothing wrong with them and should be left alone but that speech gets them nowhere and he finally cracks and wants to get help, all very beautiful because Jessa gets burned over and over in this scene but moments later we are back with Hannah and Adam spicing up their love life with a roleplay section that basically ends up with Adam moving out temporarily to stay with Ray and let him fully commit himself to the play.

Never try to spice up your love life.

Well this was Nybro action with the third last episode of season three.

And for the cookie recipe

2 cups flour

½ cup white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1 cup soft butter or melted if you are in a hurry (unsalted)

½ teaspoon baking soda

½ teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon vanilla extract or powder

2 cups chocolate chip (try to not cut the chips to small or the chocolate melds away in the cookie)

Also if you want more filling and long lasting energy from the cookie you can add
½ cup raisins (mix them with a food blender into the brown sugar)
½ cup oatmeal

or other dried fruits or nuts

Mix together flour, baking soda and salt; set aside in a bowl

Mix together the brown sugar, white sugar, butter and eggs in a large bowl, mix until light and fluffy, if you want to add raisins then you should first blend the raisin and brown sugar in a food processor/blender and then mix everything together

I like adding the blended raisin and brown sugar to kill some off the over specific taste of the brown sugar and give the cookie more body and wetness

Normally I would get 9-12 cookies on a sheet put it depends on how big I want to have them

but that is enough from us

Illustrations by Alex Bejerstrand. Read previous installments of Nybro Action Team! here.