The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls.

It's this time of the week that goes by many names in my friend group like "Hjalmar rage fulled Monday," "that day" or what my girlfriend calls it "Hjalmars weekly period," what a conscience this episode is called Flo.

The episode starts with Hannah walking down the street eating a bowl of salad while talking to her aunt about her grandmother that is hospitalized with a broken femur. Turns out she has gotten ammonia and the doctors are sure that her time has come, she will become an ex-grandmother, she gets ordered to come to the hospital NOW if she even cares about her Hannah of course agrees (duh). This is a short phone conversation with the "aunt Margo" and I already dislike that person.

We are in the apartment of our antihero, that is packing and talking about their grandmothers, Adams had a rough skin and used to spit a lot while Hannah's had skin like a "kittens ear." That is one hell of a grandmother because who does not love kittens. Adam tells her that he is going to miss her but Hannah notes he is going to hang out with all his theater friends, Adam says he cant do THIS and then grasps her and the role around in the bed cheerfully... fully clothed.

Hannah has arrived and is walking down the corridor of the hospital were her aunt is sitting outside her grandmothers room "Thank god you're finally here, losing my fucking mind over all this."

"Are you okay Aunt Margo?" Hannah replies. "Am I okay? that is a strange question considerate I have to keep all of this together so everyone else can fall apart, just be prepared, she looks terrible and for god sakes, don't cry," yes she looks like she sounds, that aunt you avoid conversation with at family unions and your parents will dread meeting.

Granny Flo is lying in the hospital bed and still quite a lot of "alive," at least enough to tell Hannah how good she looks and asking how she did it, Hannah replies that she gained 15 pounds and asks Flo how she is doing, turns out they had to put two rods in her thigh after the fracture and Hannah tells her that she is not the "two rod type", its funny because people have different tastes in being "boned," what terrible sense of humor we have.

When the granny mentions that she now also has "ammonia" Hannah says it was the "WORST" because she had to watch TV for 2 weeks when she had it as a child. Granny's answer: "it is not the same when you are at my age." But just before she can explain that it's probably going to kill her the rest of the aunts enter the hospital room and pretty much right away start clawing at each other with snide comments. The facial expression of the granny hints craving for the grave but Hannah's mother looks like she is about to cry and break apart so the sisters tell her to leave and get something to eat.

A sandwich, the dying one suggests—hinting again, this show is all about hints you see... that she might had been a terrible mother to Ms Horvath.

As they are sitting at outside tables at a dinner and her mother is picking apart a sandwich, complaining how terrible her mother was and is and how she ruined some of her sisters' life. Also but she still begs Hannah to tell her dying grandmother that she and Adam are getting married, but she refuses and is shocked that her mother is not more progressive, she says she is not, and Hannah lightly snaps at her about her women book-group and then proceeds to eat the rest of her mothers sandwich.

We are at her aunts house and Hannah walks into the back off the house to greet her cousin Rebecca, a hard working scholar that was not at the hospital because she wanted to remember her like she was and could not take it seeing her lying there dying ... or maybe we should say "walking the last steps" because we are all dying slowly, all the time. They exchange some words like Hannah calling her grandmother "Flo-job" and how inappropriate it is, how she is doing with her studies as a med student and wanting to become a doctor, then inviting her out for a drink at a bar later that night but turns out to because that is the only place that she thinks it is appropriate to take Hannah the writer and a voice of a generation.

This episode seems to be an excuse for Hannah's entire existence and behavior because the next scene has the aunts splitting between them their mothers medical supply, pain killers and mood stabilizers, no wonder around 14,000 people die every year in the states from painkiller-overdoses, more then double the number of heroin deaths, thank "insert religious icon" the pharmaceutical companies don't sell heroin (though they do).

I am also changing my format from now on how I write this recap after I reviewed other Girls recap that are out there, I will write some scenes in greater detail but others I won't, because they often are just meaningless drivel that is better to see then read I guess, instead people can ask us in the comment section if they want to know more about each episode or any specific questions.

Let's carry on.

Adam calls Hannah from the phone he is currently hiding in a flower pot at the rehearsal because he is not allowed to have a phone at the studio, Hannah brings up the marriage part by saying is not "a flat out lie" and Adam tells them they are not getting married, Hannah says that makes her very stressed and angry, then in a hurry ends that conversation, Adam does one of his normal "grunts" and throws the phone back into the flower pot and gets back to work while Hannah heads down stairs to get Rebecca the cousin so they can head to a bar. The aunts have been fighting over the "engagement ring" with snitty marks about each other love life while they are "pill popping" but Hannah's mom is sure her daughter will be the one to marry or be at least the first one because her daughter is the only one that has a realistic love life.

At the bar Rebecca turns out to be even worse of a socializer and brings up that she is having an affair with a guy called "Dave" that already has another girlfriend so they only see each other on Wednesday, works really well out for her because she is a very busy person and he is a writer that would otherwise drain all her energy with his narcissism and weird eating habits. Hannah wishes she would not hate her so openly but Rebecca bears a grudge because Hannah told her when they were seven that her dad had received "life in jail" for insider trading. That whole family is a drain and pill popping starts to be an understandable habit and later when they are driving back to the hospital she tells Hannah other reason why she hates her, like the fact Hannah tried to get them to masturbate under the covers when they were children, the conversation gets even weirder when Hannah says see wishes they were just normal "best friend" cousins that got molested by the same uncle.

Really weird jokes in this episode that Hannah makes towards her family and no one seems to care for, is she so misunderstood?

Hanna and Rebecca have just had a car crash because Rebecca was texting and driving and Adam has suddenly shown up because he just received the text message "car crash," angry at Hannah he yells at her never just to text "car crash" while the aunts fight over who fault is was but Rebecca without explaining it was her (it totally was her fault) but instead they just switch subjects and start shitting over each others "life parades," they are just deeply terrible people, Rebecca looks like she is enjoying seeing them fight among each other.

NAKED AND DYING gets yelled a lot and they end up storming away in different stages of "burn" and Hannah's mother after them, trying to fix the situation between the sisters.

I actually had the same experience as Adam, when an old girlfriend of mine texted me "had a car crash... at hospital" and I ended up rushing there. I did not have a motorcycle, I had a car that was wonderful, the love of my life and a lot of time and money had been put into it, a fantastic Fiat UNO arctic from 1995 and that day it died after that girlfriend backed it into a light pole, the only light pole on a middle of a gigantic temperately parking lot for her school building. The reason for the short text was that she managde to fracture the bones in her fingers, but in reality she fractured my heart and couple of months later she completely broke it... I never saw my car again.

Hannah is going to introduce Adam to granny, she does not want to talk to stranger so Adam tells her that she is getting married, seems to cheer the old women up after getting an answer to the "good job" question and wants to give them the only marriage wisdom that is needed.

Someday you will look at him hating him with every fiber of your being, wishing that he would die the most violent death possible … it will pass.

Afterwards Ms. Horvath, Hanna and Adam have a short conversation where she seams to approve of Adam but as soon he leaves she warns her that he might ruin her life because it is not easy to be married to an "odd man." we get a short montage of the family sleeping on the hallway until morning comes and Hannah is woken up by laughter, granny has beaten ammonia and is feeling like her good old again, tells Hannah she is looking terrible compare the first scene when she was lying all weak and dying she told her that she looked great, she is defiantly back and better then ever.

We are back in the city as Hannah walks down the city block after getting off the train, her niece calls her to tell her that grandmother has just died from an heart attack and she needs to hurry back.

That was another recap and we are completely sick of this show, thinking about switching carriers from not-even-semi professional recap-ors to becoming canaries for coil miners, you know those birds they used that would suffocate if poisonous gas exposure would happen and let the miners know they were in trouble and had to leave.

Don't think these recaps are decreasing viewer numbers of Girls and we have not suffocated yet

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