The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls.

We apologize for having this recap little later then normal, Hjalmar has been stuck in a cabin for the last two days because of being snowed in, but this is "Only child" or fifth episode of season three.

We start off as a horde of hipster, dressed in black or gray tweed, marching down the street towards and up the steps of the funeral home where David, Hannah's ex-editor is being mourned:

She recognizes her ex-editor's ex-assistance and walks towards him and greets him, moment later a women comes up to them "Bob, Bob, sweet sweet Bob, what would I do without you" she say's to the ex-assistance. "Hey I am Adam, This is Hannah" Adam says, while Bob clarifies that they have not meet before and this is David's wife, that is strange compared to all the homosexual stuff he was doing but, personally he was more "crazy bi-crazy" in our eyes but "what-ever," Hannah obviously freaking over this fact that he was married, she blurts out "yes, you two lived together, both romantically and marriagely," for a writer she is not very good with words, but anyhu Hannah explains she knows him because she was writing her memoirs for him, ex-editor's wife thinks she knows who she is because her husband used to talk about her all the time but turns out its another girl that had "OCD, Tourette's and obesity" and manage to overcome it.

But the ceremony starts so Hannah saved from trying to explain she does not have Tourette's. Ex-David's picking of writers was also explained, crazy sells books or e-articles. After the eulogy that we don't get to see Hannah finds out from Ex-Davids wife that the book is dead, it was actually not even the point of the conversation she was having with the grieving widow but Hannah basically gets asked to leave in exchange for a name of a new publisher that might be interested in her writing, good job Hannah.

We cut to Jessa sitting by Shoshanna's bed while she nagging about her friend that faked her death to get rid of her, Shosh totally gets that, she is totally sick of Jessa's behavior and it is putting a cramp on her 15 year plan towards successful business woman.

We are back in Hannah's and Adam apartment, Hannah is on the phone and dressing at the same time, she just got invited for a meeting about her e-book, Adam and his sister are fighting again, this time over an egg his sister wants to eat, Hannah has enough, silences them with a scream and then orders them to the table so she can "middle-man" this whole hostility between them, even though she says "she is more on Adam side because she loves him."

Shoshanna and Jessa walking down the street, nursing an "e-cigarette" Jessa noticed she is all about self improvement now, Shosh says self improvement is not about "dork cigarettes" but about grocery shopping and conditioning your hair. Jessa notices that the children clothing store across the street is looking to hire, she wants something with a touch of "innocence" and walks over to apply for the job, Shosh does not think she should be near children and we agree.

We are back in Hannah's apartment and an intervention is on its way, concerning Adam's and his sisters behavior towards each other, Hannah just wants them to love each other, (or how the scene played out, Love her,) but turns out Adams sister thinks he wants to fuck her and Adam is disguised, Hannah agrees that is a fucked up, Marnie calls, she is stroking a pussycat, kitten, pussy?, its super cute anyway and she is trying to get Hannah to come over to see it, but Hannah can't. "you never can Hannah?, why?" Marnie says, Hannah bails out with the excuse they are having a very special moment, Marnie is frustrated and hangs up.

It's the next day I guess, hard to figure out how times runs in this series, we are at Hannah's first meeting with the new publishers, enter the conference room a tall confident woman followed with a short slightly chubby socially awkward coworker named Moe. She loves Hannahs work and gets her, amazing how she takes it, brings it and takes it even further, the other character notes she is not choking on "long balls," weird stare between them, Hannah gets asks what "brand" she is, her definition is "I am from the mid-west, so I always be 15 to 45 pounds overweight, depending how far I life from the coast" they laugh, she tells some more fat jokes, they laugh some more, punch line: Tombstone pizza.

She feels like she is a person that can't keep her mouth shut, talks about thinks people would only talk about in front of friends, she would talk to anyone about, more laughter ending with the editor telling her that they don't do "e books." Hannah wants them to start but the point here is that they want to do a real book, a book that you can hold. Hannah is thrilled, she just said yes to a "e-book" because its better then "no-book."

We end scene with Moe laughing uncontrollable and cut to Ray's apartment, he is about to go out to play basketball when Marnie knocks on the door, she wants to ask Ray to tell her everything that is wrong with her, because he is apparently very good at it, might be the reason he hangs out with these people, he starts of telling her that she is extremely judge mental, she comes across like she is better then everyone else and if she gets offended she holds a grudge forever, then she uses people and she comes off as a phony, actually that sums it up in a nut shell, you are a super big phony, then …

But that being said, Ray says he still likes her. Marnie asks "why?", because behind it all I think you mean well, and I am old enough to recognize that all this bullshit comes from a dark deep toxic well of insecurity probably created by you absent father and that allows you to be a sympathetic character, they "hug" then turns it to a "fuck", Ray is still winning and losing at the same time, only main character we like is still Ray.

We cut to Hannah walking down the street eating an ice-cream coin and talking on the phone with her dad, being angry about the contract that she sign with her previous publisher, not wrapping her head around the fact that the company owns the right for the book and even though they are not going to published its still theirs for three more years. She tells her dad that he is insane and not making any sense and there cousin Rubin that is a lawyer for Subway sandwiches is also, not even a real lawyer because he works for sandwiches, her dad looks very tired and frustrated of this conversation and his daughter it seems, sucks to have a "only child."

We are back to Ray's apartment where they are sitting at each of the ends of the sofa being extremely awkward to each other, Marnie says she needs to go and Ray says he will leave little later for his basketball game, as she exits his apartment he says "maybe for the time being its best to keep this on the down low" she tells him to go fuck himself "like I would advertise this," Ray could have phrased that better, like saying "I don't know what the fuck just happen but I would like if we could talk about this at a better time," but speaking from a personal experience of Hjalmar that said the same thing as "Ray" couple years back, like nearly all of it … "don't get cold ...etc"

We are at Hannah's apartment where she drunkenly is trying to read aloud and explain to Adam's sister about her contract with her ex-publisher, only response she is getting back is "its going to be okay" then some story from eighth grade where she tried to audition for "independents day" but did not get the part, thought her acting career was over, one she never had. Hannah totally freaks out and kicks her out of the apartment, we cut to later that night when Adam comes home all sweaty and out of breath, Hannah is lying in the coach "surrounded" by empty beer bottles refusing to acknowledge Adam present, he asks her where his sister is, she says that she kicked her out, he asks why?, she though it would make him happy, he replays "I was suppose to be taking care of her" and then leaves.

The end !

Ex-Nybro Action Team !, OUT !

Illustrations by Alex Bejerstrand. Read previous installments of Nybro Action Team! here.