The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls.

Lets get this party STARTED !!!

We are back with episode 8 of Girls and we are actually in a good mood, the episode has been watched, screenshots have been taken and Alex is hard at work at the drawings and we are both feeling cheerful because even the episode's first scene displayed what happened in the end of the last episode where the friend group was falling apart and we hope that is going to be enjoyable but we might wrong, Lena Dunham has already gotten a contract for the fourth season.

Some people here have been wondering about Lena Dunham need for near nudity dictatorship and we did stumble upon this article from Time entertainment from January:

Dunham's unabashed nudity on the show came up in a Q&A session afterward, as one reporter asked Dunham why she is constantly naked on the show. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Apatow shot back at the reporter. "Does she like you?" Dunham answered the question by saying that the nudity on the show is "a real human expression" and added, "If you're not into me, that's your problem."

I went and checked out who Apatow is and he looked to old to be going through "puberty" and I didn't find Dunham's answer fulfilling because on one hand she is fighting against the notion that every single girl should look like Barbie and on the other hand 80 percent of the show is just fat jokes.

After the intro scene and the Girls logo we join Hanna as she sits by a table at a bistro and all alone, the waiter comes up and asks if she is sure if she can't get her something else than a glass of water, but her reply is that she is waiting for Patti Lupone and when the waiter does not recognize the name she sings the line "don't wait for me Argentina" but did not help and she storms away in disapproval of Hanna taking one of the best seats in the house.

Hanna gets a call from Adam that is at the "call back" but has to stop as the "denim-clad" man next to him warns him the casting director disapproval of phones in the waiting room or the fact Adam says "everyone here looks like him with a noise job" and "I am not here to make friends."

We are outside Jessa's workplace where she looks incredible bored and when the delivery guy shows up he is obviously in a hurry to leave before that crazy girl stalks talking to him and he gets in trouble at work or becomes that involved in Jessa's life that he ends up having to fake his death.

We cut again to Hannah at the bistro where she just got an text/email telling her that Patti has canceled the interview, obviously upset she just leaves and we are back at Adam's callback where he is told he has gotten the part, stoked with excitement and being Adam he goes into the bathroom, stuffs a bunch of toilette paper into his mouth and screams in half suffocated joy.

As he leaves the building obliviously excited of finally landing a part he meets denim-man standing in front of his BMW R series motorcycle from the '70-'80s, not entirely sure about the year but I love the older bikes and café racers, damn you Lena, making us care! … But the denim-man offers Adam a lift and he accepts and they ride away down the city streets.

We are at an unknown bar where Patti Lupone is on stage with her pianist getting ready for tonight's performances, she makes a remark to the pianist that he needs to hit the keys harder and that is why he is having trouble with his girlfriend. Hannah introduces herself as she walks in and Patti's response is that she canceled the interview, but Hannah knew and had called her publicist and found out she was here, she needs that article done today and hopes she can convince Lupone who asks how long it going to take, Hannah says it is going just be 5 to 35 minutes. She gets five minutes.

They sit down and she explains to Patti that this is just like a normal article BUT the exception is that they have to squeeze in the product they are selling, pills against osteoporosis. Turns out she does not even have it but they are just going to lie, so she has had it for 5 years, if you are wondering what osteoporosis is then it's when your bone loses mass and density, most often because of age and one of the most common symptoms is "old people hump back."

They try to find a good story for how she discovered she had "hump back" and they realize they have a lot in common, mainly just being lazy and easily "hysterical."

We are at some yogurt shop where Marnie meets up with her old friend Su Lin played by Greta Lee, the have a short talk when they are walking down the street and Marnie becomes jealous of her friend's achievements like soon she will open her own art gallery and still doing "porno" on the side.

Marnie tries to land a job from her, but she just offers her to come and see the opening, scene ends with a really one-sided hug and we cut back to Hannah and Lupone.

They are not talking about the "hump back syndrome" but the fact that Adam is going to fuck everyone in the building, the fans and what ever moves, her relationship is doomed, that of course is massively helpful for her, we are back in the snack room in GQ where Hanna is sitting with Jessica Williams, they are talking about what happened today and how mind-fucked she is after Lupone has mind-fucked her with how Adam is going to change, the editor-in-chief comes in to give Hannah a new assignment and she is supposed to stay at some fancy hotel overnight and then leaves.

But that topic is off the table when someone from the accounting brings them their paychecks and Hannah is blown away over how much she is making a week now, more than her month's rent so she is going to head into town and "make it rain," of course we get a "montage" of Hannah walking down a street and buying a new dress.

We are back with Jessa in the store where she sits on top of the counter eating some chocolate and in comes Jasper her older friend from rehab, they have a short argument how well she is doing but he tells her how shitty her life is because "people like them" are not suppose to work in places like this!, is this how Lena projects the "counter culture"? Because those people are just junkies but I am glad to see Jasper is back, maybe if we are lucky he will cause Jessa to "not exist" any more.

We are at the hotel where Hannah, Elijah and Shosh are getting ready for Adam's surprise celebration tonight but ends up mostly with Elijah sobbing over that it's Adam that is the first one to fulfill his life long dream, Shosh comes in and says something Shosh-like and makes me miss her drinking last episode.

We are at Ray's apartment where Marnie shows up with a pizza but mostly with her "problems" and start laying them down thick, Ray has enough and tells her that he does not want this, he wants a real girlfriend not a girl that is ashamed of him, does not say that in so many words but we know.

Marnie tells him that he is not going to get to "dump" the girl he dreamed off in high school because she does NOT CARE and then leaves... with the pizza.

We are back at the hotel where Adam and Denim-man finally show up for the party, the girls and Elijah jump out of the side room shouting "SURPRISE", next scene and we are sitting in the living room and Denim-man is telling everyone one of his exciting "outdoor" adventure story´s about being in the "back country" only with a blanket and a bottle of water when he realized he was missing his mother's birthday but suddenly in storms Marnie with the box of cold pizza and hysterically and congratulates Adam for the Broadway success and then announces that she needs to go to the bathroom and is totally "A O K."

Hanna ends up going after her and Marnie ends up crying in her arms, a little later when the girls exit and join the group in the living room the denim-man is playing some bluegrass song and the rest of group sits there "puppy eyed" listening to him play.

After the song Marnie is trying to get in denim pants of Denim man but turns out he has a girlfriend that is at home making "paella" and he needs to head home, while this is happening you can see Elijah having a conversation with Adam, he looks like he is in pain and Elijah thinks he has found his way-out from "improvised dancing" when Jessa and Jasper enter the party with their crazy crazy attitude, Jasper saying he knows everyones name but of course gets them all wrong then they head into one of the bedrooms and Hannah notices that maybe they should not have taken her out of rehab, where in next scene you can see him and Shosh having a very high strong conversation about leaving school when Jessa comes in to announce that she knows where to get money.

Of course we see them break into the children cloth store she works and steal some cash and cut to them in Jessa's bedroom sniffing white powder and him graping her tits but she pushes his hand lazy away to get a clear path to the mirror of lines.

Last scene we see Hannah and Adam in the bath tub having a conversation about their friends, he mentions how tired he was of Elijah talking about a lot of stupid shit while she mentions maybe that is how she sees his friend Denim-man, but they are talking about this in a very nice way, actually the most "real" I seen that couple from start, specially because Adam spots that she might be worried about his success being the person she is, but she says "no… no. no... god no..."

Well this episode was not that bad and felt short, even though my writing ended up in four pages and got cut down, don't worry because we are not going to miss what I edited out, mostly just "fan-fiction" about Jessa and Jasper, but on those notes lets end this now.

Nybro action team … OUT !

(Demin-man was played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach)

Illustrations by Alex Bejerstrand. Read previous installments of Nybro Action Team! here.