The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls. This is their final recap.

Acta est fabula or "the drama has been acted out" is the only way to describe the feelings that I have towards the act of us observing this series and the show itself, now that we come to the end of the third season, the one we were contracted to "recap" we have yet to learn what IS to recap.

Girls we have figured out … short of, or not even close and that might be the message to this show, young people are often trying to figure shit out and old people have often or nearly always figured shit out, the only thing I figured out that I am not a fan of this show and neither is Alex, don't think we even "hate watch" it because I just get incredibly irritated towards these characters.

And that kind of television is not for me. I am not a fan of drama so leave me be because there is a huge actual fan-base to this show where all sorts of people identify themselves differently with this show, like the Spice-Girls fans or Insane Clown Posse.

So let's dive head first into this last episode, and hope Me and Alex still have a "job" at Gawker after this conquest for forced interests. Adam's crazy sister sneaks up on Hannah that is getting her mail from the mailbox at the lobby and after "spooking" her and getting questions about not wearing shoes she claims to be living with Hannah's weird neighbor Larry, but we all saw that coming from the last time they meet and it was love at first sight. They have even traveled upstate for a "health treatment" at his uncle's compound, because they are having a baby, the crazy sister knows its going to be a girl because the feeling of "vagina forming," we are not going to question that because we are too busy question the kids future? Or maybe not because Hannah's parent seem pretty stable.

We are inside the apartment where Hannah is checking out her mail when she spots a letter, that she proceeds to rip in half because her current excitement level and after being taped back together turns out to be an acceptance letter into the best prep school, she has a very quiet freak out of happiness then...

End scene and cut to Marnie's place were her friend has just stepped out the shower and as Hannah barges in the door she gets verbally barged on by Marnie over how tired she is of hearing about how terrible of a person she is, but Hannah does not care because she just got one of her dreams fulfilled and for they bought join in the cheer but the problem here or what is the underlining of this show is that she is not sure if she is going or not, of course you are going to go Hannah, you are going to live in Iowa!

If anyone remembered Jessa had gotten a job for a photographer, sorting out and archiving her photos but mainly to helping her kill herself, did I not mention that in last recap or did they just mention it now? At least the old suffering artist thought she did and the main reason being that she hired Jessa was she looked like a person that would help out in "euthanizing" because she is such a great person and her "don't give a flying fuck" attitude.

Even though Jessa is refusing in the beginning the old lady turns her around by telling her how "selfish" she is being by not killing her because she is not seeing how much it is needed, we are now at Shoshanna side where she stands in front of table, behind that table is a freshmen handing out the graduation material for the university she goes to and she is about to finish the hell ride that is school when she finds out that she been "flagged" because she did not finish a required course, so we follow her back home to her apartment where she tears it apart with some punk tunes blasting in the background until Marnie showing up at her apartment and actually telling her that she fucked Ray but first she is just going to calm her down with an inspirational story about how she was also a "fuck up" and failed a class back in the day, then tell her she fucked Ray.

That does not end so bad because Shoshanna only ends up throwing Marnie in the bed and yelling "I hate you so much" so good for them.

I guess we are now back at Hannah apartment where she puts on some very weird Bowie-esque make-up and then calls her parents that are completely ecstatic that she got into the school with the slight different that the mom wants her to go without a question and her dad can understand if she finds it a big decision but in the end she kind off agrees to go because both the parents are going to make sure that she will be supported again financiall,y so we have come full circle for whoever recaps season four of Girls, not me at least.

But because we already have had like two to three major events in the first nine minute lets drop in on Adam as he prepares for his opening night at Broadway and like always Hanna barges in to the dressing room to tell him that she is leaving him to go to school and she knows they are going to work it out some how because they are both creative people striving in life and both been handed their "breaks."

Let's see how that goes later on in the show as Hannah leaves the room to let him get ready for his big opening night and a change of a lifetime.

Hannah, Ray and Elijah are standing in the lobby of the theater as Shosh comes over and tells Ray that they are going to have a SERIOUS talk while Elijah just think he needs a blazer instead just a shirt, Marnie also shows up but leaves again telling them she will be right back, she heads to the actors dressing room, by passes security and then makes out with Denim guy that yes has a girlfriend and yes we will get back to that later in the episode because now we have to watch Ray and Shosh interact during intermission of the play, starting with her yelling, then him explaining that she has no right to yell because she had already left him out to dry, she starts crying and begs him to take her back. He does not and extreme unconformable Ray says he better head back inside to his seat.

I dont really know what is happening with this play but it looks like 1800 England and the gang seems to be enjoying watching it but instead we cut to the ladies bathroom where Marnie meets up with Denim man's girlfriend that basically tells her "ass kissing" mess off a person to shut the fuck up because thinks are never going to work between her and Denim man because in the end he is going to see how much of a mess "Marnie" really is and on the note we are at the old photographers apartment where she lays in bed while being fed pills by Jessa to end her life.

Jessa is having a bit of "drugs are bad" moment because she has never used those pills for anything else then to party, not so fun to party with pills that you killed someones grandmother with!

We are at side entries to the theater with Hannah and Elijah waiting for Adam to exit, the play is over and apperently it was a great success, but Adam does not agree because he thinks he totally sucked and it was all Hannah's fault. Elijah has politely left while the artistic couple shouts out there differences basically with Adam being an asshole, not a total asshole because Hannah took care of the other half of that ass by showing up right before his big night and dropping this news on him.

They basically or not because this show is that way … breakup

Let's see how it ends for the rest of the characters … Jessa's first murder goes unsuccessfully as the self proclaimed victim suddenly realizes that she does not want to die and screams for 911 and while this is happening Marnie stalks her Demin man as he has an argument with his girlfriend outside the opening night party, she is not even inside that party because she is watching them from a nearby alleyway, what a creep she is but now we are back at Shoshanna's place where she is cleaning up the mess she created and suddenly she finds the book for the class she failed hidden under a sofa pillow. She throws it in anger and it ends up striking a window and cracking the glass and we cut to Adam and the rest of the cast having a photo shot and one of his castmembers, a girl to be precise kisses his cheek as passionately as cheek kissing goes but we end the final scene with Hannah coming alone to an empty apartment to find the letter and then hugging it towards her chest as she smiles through the tears.

What a delightful emotional mess we have set up for the fourth season and I know some of you here cant wait for it to come out.

This was the final Girls recap for us.

Hjalmar and Alex OUT!

Illustrations by Alex Bejerstrand. Read previous installments of Nybro Action Team! here.