The Nybro Action Team consists of Hjalmar Sveinbjőrnsson and Alex Bejerstrand, two under-employed friends and former Nybro residents now living in northern Sweden. Hjalmar is a student and a chef; Alex helps run his father's talent agency. They will be recapping Season 3 of HBO's Girls.

What the fuck has happened to my week? It's the busiest from Monday to Wednesday where I attend most often multiple meetings, concerning the ecological farming school I attend, a learning experience that is shaped and executed by us the students as we work in different project:

An emotionally high-strung exercise in human diplomacy leaving one sometimes drained of energy and what will present it self as rewards for those hours of near bureaucratic misery:

A TV show called Girls that I am told I am forced to watch, by my girlfriend because even hippies have bills to pay and it is my job, so I call up my "compadre" in crime and tell him today is the day, he shrieks whale-etly in the background and pulls out the drawing block.

Oh great, let's start this with Adam lovably pounding Hannah in the bed, it's beautiful and makes me wonder how long they been dating, because he is using a rubber or maybe its a part of they're "stranger fetish." If people watched last episode or read someones else recap then Adam had left Hannah's ... apartment and moved into Ray's while he is preparing for the big Broadway gig because she tends to be "distracting" to Adam these days, mainly because she has gone into complete paranoid and mildly psycho state over the future of the relationship and first its might be cute for some but later on it turns out just to be about a) her happiness. And something I not seen the ugly head of in years b) relationship hierarchy.

I know now that is basically the "drum roll" of this whole show, how horrible we often can be and her need to expose it, but it's just the fact I feel for the characters of the show, those fictitious people running around on the screen portraying real people that are out there in our daily life, or more often, yourself, and I hope of those behavior that I had or have been gently corrected by my own insight over the years of not being a total dick to people or tame my weirdness but anyway you go girl or something.

Adam leaves after fucking Hannah and she lays in bed looking sad and in disarray as Adam arrives at Ray for vocal practice, sounding like a character from a BBC Christmas special while Ray does some accounting and helps Adam learn his lines. Hannah of course ends up barging in, with her overly passively aggressive way meaning that her excuse is that she was taking a walk in the night, alone wearing hot pants just to drop-in for short time, she complements Ray on the apartment as he departs off to bed, Hannah tells Adam she finds it stupid he is staying here and if he wants their relationship to work then they needed to stay together every night but Adam's response to that is basically that "he is a dog and she is a ball"

He did not exactly say it that way but I know he wanted to with those dog eyes and after he started wearing that large black coat at all times I just look at him as a big black Labrador, he slightly calms her down as they been over this before but before Hannah has the change to storm out again Adam stops her and takes her home in a cab.

We are at Marnie's new gallery job where she is the "assistance" of her "friend" or in other words, there is this horrible person Marnie used to work or go to school with, who cares but now she works for her making someone else dreams an reality just like most people spend they re life's, but her friend seems to be rich, so maybe Marnie knows she will at least be paid at "sucking an egg," especially after the comments from the artist that will have the opening show, played by Louise Lasser that was once married to Woody Allen, what a fun fact.

Now we are at Hannah's apartment, where her and Elijah are hanging and discussing various things like Marnie "open mic night thing" with Denim-man, but Elijah thinks very little of Marnie but then is forced to complement her for being a good "instrument" when in reality he finds her to be a "tool" and with being the "gallery slave" to her rich friend that owns the gallery she kind of is.

But then the talk goes to the Patti LuPone interview because that she has not managed to get Patti to say anything about the bone density drug she is trying to sell with the article and needs to fix that, Elijah begs to get to go with her because he wants to see Corky's mom, took me a second to get that but then that stupid song started to play in my head ... ob-la-de ob-la-da.

We are at Marnie's rehearsal with Denim-man but I am still wondering when they will bang but nothing more has happened then a "high five," so we wait on while they slowly get into the starting position of ruining each others lives, right now they are not giving us much to write about.

Shosh just came back home from the library, the school or whatever education building she was at this time and Jessa is dancing erratically to some early soul music, Shosh complains about her stress out day that I will not go into detail and then in the end asks Jessa if she is having fun on drugs, telling her that she is probably going to burn away her joy sensors but they will probably grow back one day then leaves the room, true but not very supportive for your coke head of a friend.

Hannah and Elijah are at Ms LuPone residence and are sitting by the dinner table while Elijah gets schooled after telling her that he admires her as an underdog and it did not go well down with Ms LuPone but it turns out to be all cool. Then a moment later her husband shows up in apron with tonight's dinner, displayed as a grounded loving partner and later on turns out he was an writer that had to give up ... excuse me, turned out to be an writer turning ex-writer because he had given up his dream so his wife Patti LuPone could carry on as an actor, and that was my earlier point about relationship hierarchy or not understanding what "sacrifice" was, it comes easy to some people but most of us just want to "take take take."

Like Hannah that is just now imaging how there relationship will crumble as Adam rises to fame and her career sinks down to the silt of parenthood while the rest of the successful people, the money makers, go getters and the office attack force floats on the surface of this lake we call life or some people think life is about:

We get just one life so don't exchange all of it for money

Of course Hannah is still imaging any terrible scenery that Adam is going to leave her in as see sits meeting at work, I guess its severe to have "writer's imagination" and she basically accuses everyone of being fraud and sell-out because they been working there for years without producing any creative writing and have given up on dreams and hope so she basically gets fired by her boss in the middle of the meeting, she place it cool by claiming "I QUIT FIRST" and literally squeezes back through the glass door

Very smooth transaction of affairs and sadly maybe the last time we see Jessica Williams and to late for us to protest how few lines she had.

It's time for Marnie to get some awesome-tasting pie from life because as she is talking to the artist in the gallery about a picture and as she is totally unable to give a truthful answer because of self-doubt I guess but then Jessa walks in to the gallery
she was in the neighborhood looking for a job while high on drugs and decided to drop by and the question that Marnie was unable to answer she gets asked about: "What do you think about that picture over there?" because the artist has been starring at it all day and cant decide if she wants it up or not. Jessa says "fuck it, get rid of it" and lands a job at the old lady house doing inventory only question being if she was a junkie.

Jessa says she is not and we all know where this is going, strong female character gives Jessa advices about life that will eventually get her off drugs after couple of "fights" where she storms out later to return to confront her demons or she just dies of an overdose in Shoshanna's bathtub.

The concert with Marnie and her Denim guy is finally happening and they are waiting backstage to go on and she finally just asks him if they want to take this to another level, his answer is that he has a girlfriend even though the earlier episodes and hints of "I want to put my cock in you without her knowing" so I guess the shock was suppose to be the fact he was NOT that kind of an asshole. Later that night after Marnie and him have had an mind numbingly good number and all they friends are shocked and in awe over how well she sings, Denim guy girlfriend shows up and Marnie spirit is crushed again so she heads back home to Ray to crush his spirit, the spirit to break up with her and seek true love.

Hannah is sitting with Adam and the rest of the actor friend group, they are discussing the "forth wall" in the sense of someone is going to climb it instead of breaking it, ha ha very funny joke. But now Hannah has broken that delightful conversation with her classic "I don't know how go normal" and if not for her boyfriend being Adam, embarrass them in front of his friends, but probably not because they are all actors.

Time to go on YouTube and find "black keys - moan" and play it over the last part of the recaps.

Next we cut to Adam with Hannah wrapped around his arms as he carries her to a area usable for coupling in Ray's apartment but just places her in a chair to engaged in going down on her, but all the sudden she hears a "moan" and stands up heading for the main bedroom, and in the background Adam tells her that its not her business, her response being: "everything is my business."

She walks in on Ray and Marnie fucking, shocked and disgusted she tells Marnie she can or will never judge her again while Marnie covers behind the bed claiming that Ray made her do it.

Poor Ray.

Alex and Hjalmar OUT !

Illustrations by Alex Bejerstrand. Read previous installments of Nybro Action Team! here.