A gangster named Alien (née James Franco) put it best when he said "Spriinng break, spriiing breakkk. Spring break foreveerrrr," and many young coeds would agree. Due to the harsh winter that a large area of the US has been facing, the number of Spring Break attendees in Florida this year is supposed to skyrocket.

According to USA Today:

Out-of-state visitors during those months have increased from 19.4 million in 2000 to an all-time high of 26.3 million last year, Visit Florida data shows. That's a 36 percent jump.

A 36-percent jump can only precede even greater increases this year, as the cooped-up student body flees the particularly oppressive winter cold for warmer weather and a few Natty Ice's. Paul Phipps, the chief marketing officer of Visit Florida, was enthusiastic about the takeover.

"This is going to be a very good year for spring break because of the weather that the Northeast has experienced for several months. There's pent-up demand, and it's the opportunity to go south and have a good time," Phipps said.

Partiers from states as close as Alabama and Georgia will also be making the short drive down, Phipps claims.

"They've had winters like they haven't had in a long time. We've really been the beneficiary of that," he said.

Other popular Spring Break destinations are already proving to be tainted, which will perhaps only further contribute to the dirge of partiers in Florida. The beach authorities on Galveston, Texas's shores have already had to issue a bacteria infestation warning, claiming that for a period of time the waters were not safe.

"It's more dangerous if you have a compromised immune system or if you were to ingest a lot of water," said Mike Reardon noting that there is bacteria in the water all the time, just at a lower level.

Cancun, Mexico, another oft-visited destination for topless revelers, was scene to a murder already this year when a Florida man on vacation in the hotspot was strangled over a bar tab.

Spring Break season goes from roughly March 1 to April 15, and CoEd.com has ranked the top twenty trashiest American spring break destinations as a handy guide for where to stay the hell away from until Tax Day.

[Image via AP]