A coordinated terror attack in Paris that included multiple bombings and shooting rampages, and culminated in a hostage situation at a crowded rock concert left at least 100 people dead and dozens more injured.

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Breaking news out of Paris, where reports of casualties are rolling in after at least three shootouts broke out across the city in local restaurants, and multiple explosions were reported at a stadium where French President François Hollande was attending a French-German football match.

The AFP is currently reporting at least 18 dead. [Update 5:20 p.m.—the count has since been raised to at least 40 people dead.]

According to reports, “several people were killed and seven others injured” when a man reportedly armed with an AK-47 opened fire inside a Paris restaurant in the tenth arrondissement. And according to the BBC, a reporter saw at least another ten people lying dead or seriously injured after a separate shooting at a restaurant called Cambodge in the 11th district.

“I was told people in cars had opened fire on the bar. There are lots of dead people. It’s pretty horrific to be honest. I was at the back of the bar. I couldn’t see anything. I heard gunshots. People dropped to the ground. We put a table over our heads to protect us,” an eyewitness reportedly told the BBC. “We were held up in the bar because there was a pile of bodies in front of us.”

Dozens of gunshots can be heard around the 10 minute mark of one Periscope video shot from a building near the scene of one of the shootings.

Simultaneous reports also indicate several grenades were thrown near the Stade de France, where casualties have also been reported. At least one dismembered body has been reported near the stadium where, according to the AP, at least two explosions were heard. French President François Hollande was reportedly in the stadium and has since been evacuated.

Update 4:45 p.m.

The AFP also reports hostages have been taken at the Paris Bataclan concert hall where the American band The Eagles of Death Metal were playing a show.

Update 4:58 p.m.

According to French public radio, the death toll has been updated to at least 30.

Update 5:03 p.m.

A Vine shot at the football match appears to contain audio of at least one explosion.

Update 5:08 p.m.

There are as many as 60 people reportedly being held hostage inside the concert hall.

Update 5:11 p.m.

The scene inside the football stadium right now:

For more on the stadium explosions, follow Deadspin’s coverage here.

Update 5:16 p.m.

The AP is now reporting there may be as many as 100 people currently being held hostage inside the Bataclan concert hall.

Update 5:19 p.m.

The death toll is now reportedly as high as 40.

Update 5:30 p.m.

The Department of Homeland Security tells the AP, “there is no known, credible threat against the United States.”

Update 5:40 p.m.

Another shooting has been reported at the Les Halles shopping mall, according to Europe 1 Radio.

Update 5:45 p.m.

Police in Paris are requesting people stay inside to await further instructions from authorities. Locals appear to be using the tag #porteouvre on Twitter to help people find shelter.

Update 5:56 p.m.: French president François Hollande just announced that he’s declared a state of emergency throughout France and closed the country’s borders.

Update 6:04 p.m.: Members of the band Eagles of Death Metal are reportedly safe. From the Washington Post:

Mary Lou Dorio, the mother of Julian Dorio, the drummer for Eagles of Death Metal, tells the Washington Post her son is safe. She said it was great news.

She said she spoke to her son’s wife, who said that the band members had managed to flee the concert hall when the attack began. The fate of several crew members remains unknown, she said.

“It was awful,” his mother said. She added that her son was at a local police station, where he was able to call his wife. He had left his phone on stage.

Others who escaped the concert venue described a brutal scene to reporters.

Update 6:20 p.m.: The Associated Press reports that French police have confirmed two suicide attacks and one bombing near the soccer stadium.

Update 6:33 p.m.:

Update 6:52 p.m.

“We are still currently trying to determine the safety and whereabouts of all our band and crew. Our thoughts are with all of the people involved in this tragic situation,” says an update on the Eagles of Death Metal Facebook page.

According to various reports, an evacuation of the theater is currently underway. A Le Monde reporter says on Twitter: “a ladder placed against the theater bldg. People are climbing down. Looks to be an evacuation.”

CNN is also running similar reports:

Police have reportedly confirmed to NBC that security forces are launching an assault on the Bataclan concert hall where some hostages still remain.

Update 6:57 p.m.

Widespread reports now that the hostage crisis at the Bataclan concert hall is over and at least two attackers have been killed.

Update 7:17 p.m.

According to the AFP, more than 100 people were killed inside the Bataclan theater before police were able to evacuate the building.

Update 8:20 p.m. Paris taxi drivers are offering Parisians free rides home.

Update 9:56 p.m.: The Associated Press reports that the head of police in Paris says all of the attackers are believed to be dead, though authorities are hunting for any accomplices.

Update 11/14: ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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