A tipster has revealed to Business Insider that a third train line in the New York City subway has potentially been infested with bedbugs. The first subway line to get fumigated—the N train—was followed by the 5 train, and now the pests have reportedly taken to feeding on passengers on the 7.

After riding the 7, the tipster told Business Insider: "I am a regular 7 line rider in New York. I take the line every morning from Woodside to Bryant Park. This morning, I noticed them coming out from under the seat to feed on people's legs."

The tipster, Kedem Deletis, said he called MTA officials on a help line after seeing the bugs, instead of starting a panic among other passengers.

Via Business Insider:

"What exactly should I have done? Raised a panic on the train and have people screaming and hurt?" Deletis asked. "Maybe captured one of these bedbugs and risk bringing one home?"

Deletis said he was certain the insect he saw was a bedbug because he had an infestation in his building "about four years ago" and "that nightmare experience made every resident an expert."

MTA officials say they are looking into Deletis' bedbug observation. A friend of a Gawker staff writer simply advises to not sit on the wooden seats on the platform, because the disgusting pests breed there. But maybe, for now, just don't take the subway at all.

[Image via AP]