In an interview that was apparently filmed Monday with Philadelphia Fox 29’s Quincy Harris, Yusaf Mack announced, “I’m gay!” Monday was also the day that, per an initially dubious, lengthy statement (that crisis manager/hairstylist/singer Anthony Cherry eventually confirmed to me was “true”), the boxer supposedly announced he was bisexual and then he didn’t say a goddamn thing on TMZ Live. Last week, Mack said he was drugged in a porn he did for the company DawgPoundUSA. It’s been quite the two weeks for Mack. In the Fox 29 interview, he called his initial account of the shoot “all a lie.”

“I’m gay, I’m tired of holding it in, it is what it is, I live my life, I’m gay,” said the 35-year-old Mack who says he has known this for “about eight years.”

Mack claims he’s done only one tape (although an image of Mack and two naked men he wasn’t in the DawgPoundUSA shoot with may contradict this). Harris asked Mack to walk us through the filming and Mack said, “I went there...I just didn’t know when it was going to come out.” He also said he was surprised when people did see it: “I didn’t think nobody from Philadelphia would see it.”

As to why he filmed porn, his answer was pretty standard: “I was down and out, I asked friends, they wouldn’t help me, so I did what I had to do.”

Mack says news of the tape “hurt” him and made him suicidal. Additionally, his oldest daughter (of 10), a 23-year-old, told him to kill himself because he embarrassed the family.

Mack says he no longer wants to kill himself, though. “I’m free, I’m happy.” He’s no longer engaged to his fiance of five years. “She was good to me, I was good to her, but it was a lie,” he says.

“The truth is out, and I’m sorry,” Mack told the public. “You gon’ like me or love me regardless. I’m still me. So when you see me on the streets, I’m still Yusaf Mack.”