When it rains, it pours.

It was reported on Wednesday that Justin Bieber forced a group of Brazilian women to sign a confidentiality agreement and turn over their phones before partying with the Biebs on Sunday.

And it looks like someone's getting fired because Wednesday evening a video began circulating of a sound asleep Bieber, filmed by a girl who blows him a kiss before presumably leaving him alone in the morning. Many are insinuating that the woman leaving is a prostitute, and they’re using this highly dubious fame-whoring post on Twitter as proof:

The whole thing (minus the fake tweet) is believable enough, I guess, except for the fact that Bieber never wears a shirt and now we’re supposed to believe that he fucks prostitutes and then falls asleep with his tank top on? I don’t know.

Then again, it was reported a week ago that he might have enjoyed the company of a Panamanian prostitute. And then it was reported that he was caught leaving a Brazilian brothel. So perhaps this is just the next step in his Bad Decisions 2013 tour.

Next up? Argentina.

[h/t reddit]