The war-torn coastal African nation of Somalia is not just "The most failed state on earth" and "The worst country on Earth" and "The world's worst hellhole"—it is also a great investment opportunity.

The secret to good investing is to get in on the ground floor, and nowhere is that more possible than in the world's worst hellhole. Just think about it!! The fact is, folks, real live sophisticated professionals say that now is the time to buy beachfront property on Mogadishu's sunny, windswept shores, provided you can keep them clear of desperate machine gun-wielding pirates, somehow. The Financial Times reports that it all boils down to simple global demographic trends:

“The Indian Ocean will be the Atlantic of the next generations,” predicts Rosling. As a result, the surf-beaten golden sands that stretch north from Mogadishu will make excellent holidaying territory for the Asian middle classes, several decades hence.

Here is another story on the topic—a story that contains the sentence "While Somalia might not look like much of a destination right now, due to the two decade-long civil war between government forces helped by African Union units and Islamic militant Al Shabab that seek to install sharia laws in the country, its prospect could rise in the long term once the conflict is diffused"—a sentence I find to be enjoyable.

I can't find any property for sale in Mogadishu for sale online right now but if you find some let me know because I am a big bargain hunter.

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