Man, I thought you were cool.

"Cool" Pope Francis (modifier under review), our chill bud, a cool dude who lets dogs go to heaven and women breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel, a pal we can invite to dinner as long as we don't let the conversation get too deep, recently let a bit of unchillness slip to reporters while flying from Sri Lanka to the Philippines.

"Cool" Pope Francis (modifier under review) spoke about freedom of expression with regard to the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Turns out, he's not particularly in favor of freedom of expression with regard to the attack on Charlie Hebdo. From NBC News:

The pontiff said that both freedom of faith and freedom of speech were fundamental human rights and that "every religion has its dignity."

"One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of faith," he said. "There is a limit. Every religion has its dignity ... in freedom of expression there are limits."

Not cool, my friend. Wrong, my friend. Not the generally level-headed decency that we are used to seeing from you, my friend. Pope Francis reportedly went on to say that freedom of expression comes with the "obligation" to speak for "the common good," again incorrect and off-topic. Then he said this, desperate to regain the cool points he so hastily lost:

"It's true that we can't react violently, but, for example if [Vatican aide Alberto Gasparri] here, a great friend of mine, says a curse word against my mother, then a punch awaits him," the pontiff said.

"Cool" Pope Francis (modifier under review): endorses violence in response to satirical cartoons and yo momma jokes. Good to know, friend.

[image via AP]