Recent controversies involving individuals putting on blackface for Halloween apparently failed to deter the football coaches at a San Diego high school from darkening their skin and dressing up as members of the Jamaican bobsled team made famous by the 1993 comedy sport flick Cool Runnings.

Harold Seeley and head coach Brian Basteyns were both forced to apologize to students at Serra High School after a Facebook photo of their ill-conceived costume made its way around the web.

Some of the school's football players defended their coaches, saying they thought the costume was funny.

Team captain Richard Price told 10 News that Basteyn was extremely apologetic when he met with the team yesterday.

"He's an emotional guy, but I've never seen him break down like that," said Price. "He was really upset that these allegations were happening and he felt as if he really did something wrong and he really wanted to express to us his apologies."

Several parents were joined by the school's history teacher, Peggy Spates, in rejecting the coaches' Tuesday morning backtracking

"There's just certain things you don't do," Spates told the ABC affiliate. "You don't call people the N-word or any other racial epithet. You don't put black on your face. I don't care what team you're trying to represent."

The local chapter of the NAACP has gone so far as to call for the coaches' termination.

"We are confounded why these coaches would be comfortable wearing 'black face' out in public," chapter president Lei-Chala Wilson said in a statement.

School board president John Lee Evans said an investigation will likely be launched by the district.

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