Humble Shining Sun Who Lights Our Path, Honorable Leader Kim Jong Un, has put North Korea on war footing over South Korea’s outrageous imperialist puppeteer provocations. To the barricades, fellow well-fed anti-imperialists!

Gracious Father Kim Jong Un is a peaceful man who wants only to lead his people to promised shining future and sometimes watch delightful dolphins. Yet he has been forced to prepare for all out war by the gross actions of the dishonorable puppet regime to his south. The world must educate itself on the true causes of the current crisis:

What is the cause and who spearheads it?

Now the world attention is focused on large-scale Ulji Freedom Guardian joint military drills being staged by the U.S. and south Korean puppet forces on the peninsula...

Timed to coincide with this, the south Korean puppet forces totally resumed the broadcasting for “psychological warfare against the north” under the pretext of the suspicious “mine explosion” that occurred in the demilitarized zone in the western sector of the front on August 4, forcibly linking the case with the DPRK.

The puppet military gangsters continue the said broadcasting day and night on the whole front and, at the same time, are carrying out the “operation of scattering leaflets toward the north” with the mobilization of wicked reactionary organizations.

Make no mistake: “The DPRK army is full of surging indignation at the puppet military’s provocative saber-rattling and is high in the spirit of annihilating the enemy with its guns leveled at the means for psychological warfare, ready to completely destroy them through immediate military action.”

I hate when people leave leaflets all over the place so I support North Korea in this case.

[Photo: AP]