Photo: AP

In North Carolina, where it is currently illegal for a transgender person to use the bathroom of his or her choice, a congressman is accusing Bruce Springsteen of being a “bully” by declining to perform there.

Rep. Mark Walker, a Republican congressman who took office last year, was personally offended by Springsteen’s decision to cancel a North Carolina concert in protest of the grossly invasive, unnecessary, frankly bigoted law

Now, in a case of cutting off ones nose to spite the face, the junior representative is threatening to become a Justin Bieber fan.

“It’s disappointing he’s not following through on his commitments,” said Rep. Mark Walker, a Republican freshman congressman.

“We’ve got other artists coming soon — Def Leppard, Justin Bieber,” the congressman told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ve never been a Bieber fan, but I might have to go. Maybe artists who weren’t ‘born to run’ deserve a little bit more support,” he said, referencing one Springsteen’s most famous song titles.

“Bruce is known to be on the radical left, and he’s got every right to be so, but I consider this a bully tactic. It’s like when a kid gets upset and says he’s going to take his ball and go home,” Walker said without a shred of irony.

Who cares, you might wonder, and I’ll tell you: Not Bruce Springsteen.