The internet is full of “video ads” that some highly paid corporate marketing officer paid tons of money to some advertising firm to produce. Nobody is watching that shit.

Ad Age has the latest numbers on this bullshit here:

Nearly half — 46% — of the video ads running across the desktop and mobile web never had a chance to be seen, according to Google. That figure is based on the video ads the search giant has served across the web, but doesn’t include YouTube...

Of the unviewed ads — not including the unviewed ones running on YouTube — 76% never appeared on the device’s screen or played in a background tab. For the remaining 24%, people had a chance to see the ad but scrolled past the video ad before it could play for two consecutive seconds.

Think of all of the time and brainpower and money that went into conceptualizing and storyboarding and casting and producing and filming and editing and deploying all of those ads.

Nobody wanna watch that bullshit! Except, ah, whatever #content is paying my salary these days, of course...

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