The Hills' plastic surgery experiment Heidi Montag, who has otherwise been minding her own business lately, posted a photo of Clearblue's Advanced Digital Ovulation Test (#1 OB-GYN recommended brand) to Instagram yesterday. Does this mean that she and Spencer Pratt are trying to become parents?

Nobody tell!

Earlier this week, Heidi posted a photo with a baby (whose baby? who knows) and captioned it "I couldn't be happier!!"

But last year, Spencer told Hollywood Life he was not in the market for babies:

I don't think either of us have real careers. I look at families and the world and providing—right now we don't have to worry about it. But to add on how to afford kids to go to private school, to have clothes, to go to college … I have no concept of how any of that stuff is possible!

Heidi may be happy, but I'm scared.

In other news, Heids is working on an e-book.

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