Recently, coddled celeb Oprah Winfrey said that this great nation (America) still contains racism. Oh, poo! One post-racial colorblind white male Christian rock producer and USA Today columnist has something to say about that.

You may remember Mark Joseph from his terrific work producing the soundtrack to The Passion of the Christ, or from his period hosting a TV interview show in the 90s "which featured one on one interviews with guests like Larry King, Charlton Heston, Jay Leno and dozens of others." He is also a close personal friend of Creed's Scott Stapp. In short, he is an authority on race in America. In fact, Mark Joseph has possessed a keen insight into issues of race and class since his youth. As he notes in his column this morning for USA Today, "To be sure, I was well aware of racism. I had read Black Like Me as a third-grader."

Mark Joseph is not about to sit back and let Oprah Winfrey make wild pronouncements on the existence of racism in This Great Nation.

Oprah's pronouncement produced another "huh?" moment for me, considering the fact that it was millions of Americans that gave their colorblind eyes to her show for a quarter-century, famous enough to be interviewed by the BBC... Oprah is still living in that other time and era in which people separated themselves from one another primarily on the basis of race — a real time to be sure — but one that is, for the most part, not our reality today.

America has given Oprah Winfrey—a black woman—the opportunity to get famous enough to be interviewed by the BBC, a network watched exclusively by whites. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, race hustlers.

Are you still skeptical about the methods by which Mark Joseph has scientifically determined that racism is dead in America? Fine. Because you asked, Mark Joseph will reveal his secret logical proof:

Because it is more often than not Tea Party types who are accused of racial hostility toward Obama, I have a parlor game I play with my white conservative friends that tells me everything I need to know about the state of race relations in America.

"If your daughter were thinking of marrying a man like Clarence Thomas or one like Chris Matthews, which would you choose?" I ask.

We won't spoil the answer for you. We'll just give you the following hint: Tea Party people like Clarence Thomas more than Chris Matthews, and therefore racism in America is dead. That's all we'll reveal.

Next time, Oprah, leave this discussion to the experts.

[We will also share with you the fact that the final line of this column is, "Some day soon, when we all look like actor and TV host Mario Lopez, it will simply be impossible to find people of a different skin color, let alone hate on the basis of it." QED. Pic via Getty.]