At the end of tonight’s Trump-less GOP debate, the candidates played the customary “wander around the stage and pretend you actually like each other” game. But apparently, even when they’re just pretending, the candidates still can’t bring themselves to stomach Ted Cruz.

[There was a video here]

In the profoundly bleak clip, Ted steps down from the podium and takes a little peek around before making a beeline for Jeb—Jeb’s the polite one, surely he’ll make nice for the cameras, Ted presumably lies to himself. Cruz taps Jeb’s shoulder, and Jeb, after undoubtedly feeling a part of the beautiful light inside of him die forever, pretends never to have felt a thing. Even Chris Christie instinctually turns away at the mere sight of Cruz on the prowl. Chris Christie!

All of which proves that the only thing worse than actually being Ted Cruz, is having to talk to Ted Cruz.

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