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Recently, the Harvard University Republican Club (of kids) got widespread news coverage for refusing to endorse Donald Trump. Now the Yale Republicans are in a public battle over Trump as well. Hey—fuck off!!!

Should we care what a bunch of 20-year-old college Republicans, who are some of the world’s most insufferable pricks, think or do? No.

Some Yale college Republicans are resigning over their club’s Trump endorsement.

I don’t care!

Some little Republican shits at Harvard call Trump a “threat to the survival of the Republic.”

I don’t care!

The American University College Republicans won’t take a position on Trump. The Penn State College Republicans will not endorse Trump. Penn’s College Republicans won’t endorse him either.

I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t care. Not only are these people college students, which means they don’t know anything, they are by definition the biggest pricks on their respective campuses, which means I also do not want to listen to them for aesthetic reasons. Stop telling me!!!

You may note that by writing this very story I am only reinforcing this atrocious trend of spreading the thoughts of college Republicans far and wide. Okay. My company is being auctioned off today. What’s your excuse?

College is not real and neither are Republicans!