Two New Jersey high school students have been arrested for animal cruelty after allegedly luring a family of geese into the street, running them over and uploading footage of the crime to Snapchat, NBC New York reports.

According to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the two 17-year-olds planned the sick video beforehand, one teen telling the other, “You kill them and I’ll shoot it with my phone.”

After the footage was posted to social media, the NJSPCA says they were alerted to the video’s existence by “several concerned citizens.” From

“After several days of investigation the two youths were found and admitted to their involvement in the events while being questioned with their parents permissions,” the agency stated.

At least one goose was found dead on Dorset Drive around the corner from the 300 block of New Dover Road where the attack occurred. The vehicle used to run down the goose family was located in the school parking lot and still had goose feathers embedded into the front license plate, grill and bumper, investigators said.

Each teen now faces a single charge of third-degree animal abuse, but authorities say more charges may be filed against others.

[Image via NJSPCA]