This is funny: Some joker confirmed exclusively to Page Six that Katy Perry will be playing the Super Bowl XLIX half-time show. Haha. Good joke! "A deal is being hammered out for Katy to play the Super Bowl," a source tells Page Six. Hahaha, but really, who's playing the Super Bowl and what time is it?

So you're telling me this isn't a joke...

"I'm not the kind of girl who would pay to play the Super Bowl," Perry insisted on ESPN's College Game Day this past Saturday. See? She doesn't even want to perform. Why make her?

Maybe Perry was chosen because she was willing to pay to play: The Wall Street Journal reported in August that the NFL is now hitting up candidates for the half-time show to help foot part of the production costs. In the Journal's story, Perry, along with Coldplay (zzzzzzzz) and Rihanna (correct answer), were among the artists speculated to be considered for the gig.

For those keeping track at home, we all probably lost out on Rihanna performing because the NFL and that television network for old people and fans of the Good Wife pissed her off.

Katy Perry's best song is "Teenage Dream" and she's terrible live. The end.

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