The Indianapolis Star ran a Thanksgiving-themed cartoon today, from editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel, featuring a family bursting through the window of another family's Thanksgiving feast. "Thanks to the president's immigration order," says the family patriarch, "we'll be having extra guests this Thanksgiving." Ha-ha!

Is there a time more befitting of a cartoon lampooning unwelcome foreign guests than during the United States' holiday Thanksgiving? I cannot think of one. And if you're worried about how every aspect of the cartoon is racist: relax. The Indianapolis Star quickly made a stereotype-erasing tweak:

Ah, it seems he's just a friendly white trucker after all. Mr. President, you scoundrel!

"Will the President's executive action on immigration may fundamentally change America?" the Indianapolis Star asks. Huh. Makes you think!

[h/t RajuNarisetti]

UPDATE: The Star has pulled the cartoon and executive editor Jeff Taylor writes that "we erred in publishing it":

Cartoons are seldom intended to be read literally. And Gary did not intend this one to be viewed that way. He intended to illustrate the view of many conservatives and others that the president's order will encourage more people to pour into the country illegally.