Morris Communications is the publisher of about a dozen newspapers across America, many of which feature jaw-droppingly fascist editorial pages (hi, Florida Times-Union). Now, the publisher has something even bigger in store for the changing media landscape.

It's: a crappy little Tumblr with more right wing bullshit! Because when the newspaper industry is in the toilet, you're laying off reporters, and the public's tastes are changing, the times demand a crappy little Tumblr. My congratulations go to whichever "new media consultant" sold them on this brilliant turnaround strategy.

Jim Romenesko notes that Morris is advertising for a social media manager for—which, as you can see, is a shitty little Tumblr that looks like shit and currently boasts a single post that asks, "How can Republicans have such a terrific product and such a horrible brand?" is, quite clearly, a pathetic attempt by some clueless Georgia newspaper executive to tap into the "youth market" and capture lots of "mindshare" for awful right wing editorializing, which Morris Communications has in vast supply, even while hope for its business prospects dwindle into ever shorter supply.

Sorry; what I meant to say was,

Renaissance of American Responsibility (ROAR) is a national civics advocacy startup business within Morris Publishing Group. Its mission is: To preserve and renew self-governance by creating more informed and involved citizens. ROAR is a youth-centered movement created by Morris out of deep concern for the state and direction of our nation politically, financially, morally and civically.

Seems like a good use of resources.

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