"Their place at the table," reads the headline of a front-page article on yesterday's Suffolk Times, a newspaper serving the north fork of Long Island. Nothing about that phrase or the article accompanying it is visibly amiss, but one eagle-eyed reader called in to complain anyway. "Do you think that's the correct spelling of that word?", she asked the paper's editor. "It's spelled -IER."

The call—recorded in part below and noted by media reporter Jim Romenesko—finds baffled Suffolk Times editor Mike White doing an admirable job of keeping his cool while explaining to the woman that their is in fact spelled their, not thier. But as baldly wrong as the reader's complaint is, and as rude as she is in delivering it, sometime between her allegation that White didn't graduate from college and her calling him a "fucking baby," you can't help but start to root for her a little.

[Image via Mike White]