UNITED STATES - JUNE 16: Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., leaves a Senate Homeland Security and Governm...

Sinema's Drug: Drug Money

Those neon wigs don't buy themselves

Tarpley Hitt
LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 17:  Attendees compete at the Pokemon European International Championship...

Here’s Today’s Main Character or Whatever

Their only job is to bring people together for communal dunking

Slow News Day
Jenny G. Zhang
LOS ANGELES, CA - OCTOBER 24:  A view of the decorated Playboy Mansion at the annual Halloween Party...

The Playboy Mansion Is Haunted ... by Stringy Hair!

A spooky story from a former Playboy bunny.

Kelly Conaboy
07 March 2019, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart: Visitors stand in front of the shredded Banksy picture...

Banksy’s Statement Against Art Commodification Sells for $25.4 Million

Commentary much?

Bad Art Friend
Jenny G. Zhang

Drake: My Degrassi Character Being in a Wheelchair Was Not “God’s Plan”

I only love my legs and my mama, I’m sorry

O Canada
Olivia Craighead

Okay So Which STD Does Bill Clinton Have

He’s in the hospital for a “non-Covid related infection”

Tarpley Hitt

Who Cares: Let the Queen Do Heroin If She Wants

The lady is 95 years old.

Kelly Conaboy

Murder Family Update: Patriarch Faces Charges Related to Dead Housekeeper's Money

Alex Murdaugh was arrested Thursday in connection to missing settlement money.

Kelly Conaboy

Just Tell Me If Vape Lung Was Fake

I really hate these nicotine patches

Tarpley Hitt

These 16 College Students Want to Tongue Down Warren Buffett

A study claiming billionaires are disproportionately hot raises more questions than it answers

rich older men
Claire Carusillo

It's Not About the Dopamine

Facebook critics miss the point when focusing on its effects on brain chemistry

Zachary Siegel

The Robin Williams “Test Footage” Is Weird

No thanks.

Kelly Conaboy

Sinema in Paris

Shirking her duties in style

well-done steak
Claire Carusillo

NYT's Most "Oh Yeah That Guy" Columnist Leaves to Explore Run for Governor

Nicholas Kristof has been a Times opinion writer for 20 years

Jenny G. Zhang

The Future of Fashion Is No Longer Sweatpants

Maybe its big big underwear now?

Claire Carusillo

Finally, a Win for Muslims (the War on Christmas)

Sorry about the supply chain, infidels.

Silent Night
Sarah Hagi