A newlywed couple in Pennsylvania placed a craigslist ad, lured a man to their house, and killed him for the thrill of it.

22-year-old Elytte Barbour and 18-year-old Miranda Barbour placed a Craigslist ad the week of November 12th, offering anyone companionship in exchange for money. When 42-year-old Troy LaFerrara answered the advertisement, they had him meet them in their SUV. Once in the SUV, Elytte wrapped a cord around LaFerrara's neck, while his wife stabbed him 20 times. LaFerrara's body was found on November 12th in Sunbury, a city northwest of Philadelphia.

The couple was married on October 22nd, just two weeks before the murder. Elytte told investigators that he and his wife had tried to kill before, but the plans never worked out. Mirana Barbour had routinely been paid by men for companionship, a business her husband claims never included sex.

"She is not a prostitute," he told reporters after his wife's arrest, but before his own. "What she does is meet men who have broken marriages or have no one in their lives and she meets with them and has delightful conversation."

Both face homicide charges.