A little girl falling over on ice might be cute, but twin babies hugging each other and getting a weird French bath might be cuter, in its own weird, French way.

This adorable video was posted online last week by Sonia Rochel, 51, a staff member at the Clinique de le Muette in Paris. According to The Local, Rochel, who specializes in early childcare development, became "famous" when she developed the idea of the "Thalasso bain bébé" for newborns. Because everyone, including infants, loves a nice spa treatment.

Her spa bath technique for newborns involves bathing and massaging newborn babies for 15 minutes without any creams or gels. Rochel wanted to show that "bath time for newborns should be a relaxing experience for both baby and parent," and the video makes a pretty compelling argument that a relaxing experience might be attainable. Most parents of newborns would agree that nothing is relaxing, but maybe they've spent all these years doing bath time without the right soundtrack and sink attachments.

Or maybe it's just a French thing.