New York City is so attractive that its population is growing past all-time highs. We're popular. We're cosmopolitan. And we have the most segregated schools in America.

That's the finding of a new report by researchers at UCLA's Civil Rights Project. Gary Orfield, the Project's director, said in a statement that "In the 30 years I have been researching schools, New York State has consistently been one of the most segregated states in the nation—no Southern state comes close to New York." Huzzah!

Take note of these findings in particular, liberal New York parents:

Across the 32 Community School Districts (CSDs) in New York City, 19 had 10% or less white students in 2010, which included all districts in the Bronx, two-thirds of the districts in Brooklyn (central to north districts), half of the districts in Manhattan (northern districts), and only two-fifths of the districts in Queens (southeast districts).

73% of charters across New York City were considered apartheid schools (less than 1% white enrollment) and 90% percent were intensely segregated (less than 10% white enrollment) schools in 2010. Only 8% of charter schools were multiracial and with over a 14.5% white enrollment (the New York City average).

Buh. Good ideas go in the comments.

[The full report. Photo: AP]