Two Upstate New York men were booked on misdemeanor sexual misconduct charges last Friday after a suspicious local farmer claimed to have caught them on video trying to engage in intercourse with his dairy cows.

The farmer outside Utica "noticed his cows appeared anxious and failed to produce milk," according to an Associated Press report. "He installed video surveillance equipment to try to determine why."

What the farmer later found on that video was Michael H. Jones, 35, agreeing to record Reid A. Fontaine, 31, "as he attempted to have sexual contact with several cows."

Both men were reportedly released on their own recognizance and given a date to appear in court to answer for the charges.

It's unclear how common human sex with livestock is in the modern day. In a high-profile case last month, a 61-year-old married British man was convicted of attempting to violate a sheep and a cow in broad daylight near a sports facility used by the Tottenham Hotspur soccer team.

A picnicking couple reportedly spotted the man with his pants down, "clutching a can of Skol and a Sainsbury's bag with his clothes," thrusting his hips near the cow's mouth.

[Photo credits: New York State Police]