One of the motorcyclists involved in this weekend's violent New York City road rage incident, in which dozens of bikers clashed with a man in an SUV on the West Side Highway, has turned himself in to police as authorities continue investigating just what the hell happened.

New York's NBC 4 reports that an unnamed man seen punching the rear window of Alexian Lien's Range Rover turned himself in at a Queen's precinct earlier today. Police had already taken into custody 28-year-old Christopher Cruz, who they allege started the confrontation by swerving in front of Lien's vehicle and slamming on his brakes, causing Lien, who had his wife and child with him in the car, to nudge his back tire. That bump precipitated the real deterioration of the interaction.

Police claim that, after Lien pulled over following the fender bender, the motorcyclists began to damage his car, smashing it with their fists and helmets and slashing the tires, according to the New York Daily News. To escape, Lien slammed on his gas pedal, running over at least three motorcycles and a man, Edwin Mieses, who suffered two broken legs and is now in a medically-induced coma (Mieses' family say the 32-year-old has also been paralyzed from the waist down).

Cruz and other motorcyclists would embark on a high-speed chase to catch the fleeing Lien. That ended when the bikers surrounded the car, smashed out the driver's side window, pulled Lien from his seat, and assaulted him.

There is now an argument between Mieses' family and authorities about whether Lien will be charged with a crime. "He just ran into my son," Mieses' mother told the Daily News. "Where's the justice for my son? He's never going to walk again."

Police say they don't expect Lien to be charged, as the reason he fled so recklessly was because he feared for his family's safety when the bikers attacked his car.