A specter is haunting Cottonwood Classical Prep—the specter of "prom-munism." After an online vote this week, the Albuquerque high school's senior class has elected to stage a communism-themed prom this year, appropriately dubbing it "prom-munism."

"They wanted prom-munism, so that's what got voted for the most," senior Sarah Zachary told KRQE. "We have a lot of jokesters in our grade, so they wanted it to be funny and a lot of them are really intense with politics."

However, the Associated Press reports that some petit bourgeois-teens don't find "prom-munism" funny:

Sophomore Cole Page says she didn't find it funny.

Fuckin' Cole. It's talk like this that keeps us from establishing a workers' paradise and also why everyone says the sophomore class are total virgins.

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