If you feared that your hero, the $30 hot dog guy, had been defeated by the forces of Mayor Lex “Bill DeBlasio” Luthor, dry your tears. Although Ahmed Mohammed lost his job selling $30 wieners and priceless life lessons (same thing) to tourists near Ground Zero, a new hero has risen to take his place.

The same NBC station that caught Mohammed aggressively parting fools from their money also found his successor has kept up the practice. Although Ayman Ahmed wasn’t seen brazenly inflating the price of a $2 frank to $15 or more, he did manage to milk a group of visiting Canadians for $5 per dog. Not bad.

How much are hot dogs, according to Ahmed?

“Three dollars, $4, $5 for tourists,” he told NBC 4.

Like Mohammed, he doesn’t post his prices. (He claims he hides his sign inside the cart because it’s “windy,” but we all know what’s really going on.)

NBC asked the owner of the stand, Abdelalim Adelbaky, about the prices his employee was charging, and got a different answer: “If anything, the hot dog is $2.50,” said Abdelbaky. “This is not my problem, it’s a problem for him.”

NBC 4 brags that the Consumer Affairs Commission has seen a massive uptick in complaints about vendors after their report on Mohammed, and that it has stepped up enforcement accordingly. But for every enterprising, rule-flaunting sausage hustler who loses his job and his chance at the American dream (selling things to suckers for whatever price they’re dumb enough to pay) another will rise up to take his place.

Do your worst, DeBlasio.

[h/t Animal]