These new doodles, hacked by the politically-minded Guccifer and published for the first time here on Gawker, appear to be the Bill Clinton doodles that the world has patiently been waiting for.

Presidential doodles are commonly made public, and were even the subject of a book, "Presidential Doodlings," but for years, the Clinton Foundation has refused requests through its press office.

Guccifer already unleashed presidential artistry on the world when he hacked George W. Bush earlier this year. This time, it appears he hacked into the Clinton Library's files, retrieving the scans from a folder called "wjcdrawings".

Clinton's doodles include a Roy Delgado-esque sketch of a limousine:

These doodles were made during a briefing on Slobodan Milosevic and possible UN sanctions against the FR Yugoslavia:

A partial motorcycle and a brick wall:

Self-portrait, maybe? Continuing the brick motif:

[images via Guccifer]